About Us

Medical and Health Care Kits started developing the Medibox First Aid Kit concept in the beginning of 2010 with the main focus on Burn wound treatment and providing an essential First Aid Kit that can be used in every household for treatment of accidental burn wound on children especially. The search started for a container that would make it easy for the user to get quick access to medical emergency products, be portable and strong enough for travelling and industrial usage.

There was nothing available - not in South-Africa, or elsewhere because of the pre required size as well as the compartmentalised units that had to fit inside. The pricing of such a product also played a huge role in the decision to develop it ourselves. Turning to the help of Industrial designers and getting advice from various plastic manufacturers, and after spending almost a year in research - the Medibox First Aid Kit was created.

This container is light years ahead of any counterparts because of its unique design that houses different compartments that keeps all the medical first aid products separate and neat for easy quick access. This is crucial to save time in any emergency situation.

The contents research was done with the help of Medical doctors, Trauma treatment centres as well as Nurses who treat burn wound accidents daily. The College of Wound healing reports was also consulted, providing loads of insight on burn wound management.

With the extension to the First Aid Kit Explorer 4 x 4 - even various tour operators and Medical Doctors' input were used to find out which products were the most essential to include in a travelling kit, keeping it efficient and also utilizing each product to its full potential in treatment applications and to maximize the efficiency of the emergency treatment spectrum that you will be able to treat on location.

Since then - three other Medibox First Aid Products were added to the range - the Sport First Aid Kit , Reg 3 OHS Medibox which complies with the labour Laws regulation 3 standards, as well as the Explorer 4 x 4 Medibox First Aid Kit. Please read more about each individual product under the product list.

Medibox Emergency First Aid Treatment Kits is your answer to Safety at home, to business, to travelling! You can relax - everything you need is in your hands!