Explorer 4 x 4

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Your First Aid Travel Companion!

    Target Market:

  • 4 x 4 Enthusiasts
  • Overland Tourists
  • 4 x 4 Drivers
  • Extreme sport 4 x 4 participants
  • Tour operators
  • Vehicle owners
  • Medibox Container:

  • Made of strong durable ABS plastic, 4mm thick
  • Durable , tough & dust proof
  • Compartmentalized inner containers
  • Compact carry case (300 x 360 x 90mm)
  • Easy to follow instructions for emergency situations
  • All medical supplies neatly organized

If your 4 x 4 isn't equipped with this comprehensive medical aid kit, you shouldn't be driving off-road!

The Explorer 4 x 4 Medibox is for the traveler and extreme 4 x 4 overland tourist or 4 x 4 clubs, including everything you might need on an overland trip or just a holiday, actually an essential kit to just have in your car.

This kit is specially combined to provide treatment for injuries that can happen when on a road trip, camping or touring .The comprehensive Explorer 4 x 4 Medibox includes step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions in case of emergency accidents, but also contains all essentials for any general emergency injury or trauma situation. Graphic icons for easy reference accompany the detailed instruction and provide the person assisting the victim of an accident with all the vital information to treat the injury - empowering them to take charge of the situation and correctly applying the appropriate products to treat the person in need.

Why choose the Medical and Health Care Explorer 4 x 4 MediBox?

The kit is unique because every group of products is compartmentalized, keeping all the components neatly together in an orderly fashion within one unit. This is of the utmost importance in an emergency situation where time is of the essence!

The MediBox is easy to carry, durable and opens and closes with safety clips rather than with zips that often cause a delay in cases of emergency and in the long term are less reliable. Furthermore, the contents contain no liquids that could leak and damage any of the other products.